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Interval International

Interval International, the quality vacation exchange network, recently awarded Alexandra Resort the Interval Premier status, which is the highest level of recognition within the Interval network.

The resort earned this award by providing an outstanding vacation experience, with state-of-the-art conveniences, and modern features and appointments.

Timeshare owners at the Alexandra Resort are automatically enrolled in the Interval International exchange program. This program makes owners eligible to exchange their vacation time at the resort to stay in a vast network of over 2,900 Interval International resorts located in over 80 countries across the globe, as well as receiving many travel related promotions and services. Through Interval TravelĀ® and its long-standing relationships with airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and tour operators, members have access to a one-stop travel resource offering discount services and vacation getaway packages. Many members have the capability of requesting exchanges and receiving confirmation, as well as making travel arrangements.

Vacation exchange eliminates the need for timeshare owners to make the difficult and costly choice between vacation travel and spending time at the Alexandra Resort each year. Membership with Interval International gives owners the freedom of choice to spend a week at the resort or use Interval International’s exchange services and visit another Interval International affiliated resort.

Imagine being able to travel the globe and stay in quality resorts simply by exchanging your timeshare week. See the world and have the best of both worlds with timeshare ownership at the Alexandra Resort!

Interval International is one of the largest and best-established vacation ownership companies in the world. Established in 1976, it has earned countless awards and earned 10 in 2013 alone including one for Best Membership Program.

For more information on Interval International, visit www.intervalworld.com.